Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pets are a MUST!

Having visited many blogs both for leisurely pleasure and research purposes before starting my own (although the results of said research on the final product are subject to discussion...) I noticed that showing pictures of your pets is a MUST!
It was obvious that cats were the more often chosen pets of the artistically inclined, and running the risk of having you judge my creations harshly, I shall tell you that, yes, I own a cat, but he's outnumbered by that other staple pet of the western home: the dog (there are 3 of them).

There's Max, the old Labrador with a playful mood who doesn't know he's no longer a puppy and who's as sweet as can be. He loves his best friend, Basil:

The cheeky Dachshund on full alert at all times - he doesn't even stop long enough for me to take his picture! He is named after Basil Fawlty, the main character in the British sitcom Fawlty Towers, a hyper-nervous wreck who is always getting into trouble.

Then there's the lady in the family, Lola.

Doesn't she look ladylike? I picked her up from the street, with her bones sticking out, and she cried in pain when I picked her up. She was covered in slime and parasites. She's been in love with me ever since. It's mutual.

And last but not least, the CAT! Who is, of course, according to jewelry blog folklore, the source of many artistic endeavors!

Toffee follows me everywhere. I sometimes get up from my studio chair just for a minute to walk into another room so he'll leave his chair and follow me - and then I go right back! Yes, I'm mean like that!
But I think he has a secret agenda. He is quietly observing me, and I bet he can already wirewrap, rivet, stamp... Toffee Designs, anyone?


  1. Olá Prima!!! Descobri o teu blog!!!
    Os teus bichos são tão lindos!!!
    Beijinhos grandes!!!

  2. Pensava que ja sabias! Ainda bem que encontraste! Beijocas grandes


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