Sunday, June 30, 2013

For those of you who like dainty jewelry, look away now!

Because, from the top of my 5.1", I am increasingly making larger pieces... And I don't just make them for my tall(er) customers, no. I dare to wear them! (or they wear me, not sure which way around).

I'll just grab my purse and I'm ready to face the world
The longest name I've ever given to a piece.


I still have quite a few of these agate slices and I just love capturing them with prongs (improving my soldering skills) against a double layer of copper - you can see it better in the next pictures- so I see quite a few variations of these coming up in the future. And I just cannot make small pieces out of them! Strange for an introvert, really. Or maybe not.

Actually, many of my pieces have a double function - they can both adorn you and maybe even be used for self-defence. Yes, I am working on keeping the women of the world safer...


This piece was a physical workout! I had to be really in a zen mood to make it - thus the name (that plus the lotus design). I used a stencil to draw the design on the copper sheet and then sawed out every little piece. I love it against the patinated copper underneath. And the industrial feel the mini nuts and bolts give it. It's in my "to go or not to go" drawer. I won't tell you what's the usual final destination of the pieces that land in that drawer...

Oh, I remembered I just renewed my ID card and they measured my height while I was wearing high heels - I am now officially 5.3" tall... I feel an even larger piece coming up...