Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm no matchmaker

I've been making earrings lately.
Which is very unlike me... I'm a necklace person. And I have not been able, after two years of doing this, of getting it into my head, that people like matching earrings! It's because I never wear them, I always wear either/or!

But why don't I immediately make the earrings after I finish the necklace, when I know they'll probably sell? Can you tell I'm really good at the business part? My friend Elizabeth excells at that! I love having her by my side when someone is looking at my stuff. She'll go "have you noticed this or that bead?", "do you know this part is also handmade?", "what? you're not getting your sisters a gift too?" She will be my marketing manager when I become a famous artist (but she has clear instructions not to alienate her daytime job boss just yet...)

Urban safari
Beach waves

While I just stand there in silence, hoping the genius of my work will be enough to mesmerize the customer into parting with their hard earned money... I just find any inkling that I'm pushing someone into buying a piece highly uncomfortable. Plus I'm shy. Very shy.  When I was a child, if I wanted ice-cream, in an effort to make me more outgoing, my mom gave me the money and told me I could have it if I purchased it myself. I would go without just so I didn't have to go up to the counter. Pathetic, I know. Of course her strategy paid off in the long run, given that I'm now a shopaholic...


Which brings me to blogging. It's always been easier for me to write than to speak. And I'm enjoying putting my thoughts into words, but also the fact that I can basically say whatever I want, because the only people reading this are the few friends I've sent the link to. And my hubby who told me he reads it from time to time. So sweet... So blah, blah, blah, blah...

You see, I have not done all the internety things you need to do to atract traffic to your blog. I believe they call those techniques SEO - don't ask me what it stands for, I just thought someone misspelled CEO (as in Chief Executive Officer...)

Ammonite swirls
Coral drops
I don't tweet (or chirp, or coo, or hoot...), I don't have a FB page (well, I have a personal one which I haven't checked in a month..), hell, I can't even make the damn text in my blog entries wrap around the pics... arrrrghhhh... I really need to get into this stuff, otherwise what's the point of having a blog no-one reads? Well, maybe just because like my banner says "it suits my fancy"!

Fiquem bem.

P.S. Of course, now I did it the other way around - these earrings have no matching necklace...oh boy...
African earring tree


  1. You make me so proud ...every single day.

  2. My husband asks me, "Are you going to become a palm reader?" when he sees my latest creation.


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