Monday, July 2, 2012

Love My Art Jewelry Loves My Years Gone By


Checked the Love my Art Jewelry blog 
as I do daily, and I found out my Years Gone By necklace which I submitted to their monthly Strut Your Stuff competition is the winner for June!

Respect and recognition from your peers is the best! Happy, happy Monday!

One of those ramblings...

So I had no TV throughout the weekend. I got a message on the screen saying the service was not available.
I don't watch that much TV, but it was one of those weekends when I had to work non-stop all day, couldn't even make an etsy-bitsy pair of earrings and was looking forward to just collapsing on the couch in the evening and looking at the TV screen in that languid stupor of the tired and the weary (actually, maybe even a blank screen would have been good enough for me... but there was that message floating around on the screen...)

So I called their offices first thing this morning. The conversation goes like this:

Me: Good morning. My service was off all weekend, can you check what is going on?
Her: Sure, what's your card number?
Me: It's 1234566...
Her: Ah, yes, we had a technical problem, but I fixed it right away for you. You can check your TV now. Is it back?
Me: errrhhh, it's Monday morning. I'm working?!... But I tried calling you all weekend, and couldn't get through! How does one contact you over the weekend?
Her: You should call our Call center at the landline 123456...
Me: I did! Both numbers. It was always busy or no answer.
Her: Then what you do is call the cell phone numbers.
Me: I did! I called, 12345, and 54321, and 28967 and 96060... All busy or unavailable...

And then comes the reply:
Her: Ah, yes, when they're busy like that the best thing is to give up, really...

You know what? Unknowingly, she actually passed on some sage advice. Sometimes it's really best to just give up... For the sake of your sanity...