Monday, September 30, 2013

From your neck to your fingers

I wonder if all jewelry artists make more of what they actually wear themselves? That's certainly the case for me, and other than necklaces, the one other piece of jewelry I wear religiously are rings.

So I've been busy making a few lately, and improving on my soldering and riveting skills. Every error is an opportunity to learn.

Sawing and riveting...
Another nameless ring
Soldering and experimenting with Vintaj patinas...

Riveting again...

Just Ring

And my favorite, soldering bezel wire and trying reticulation for the first time. Love the concept - heating silver to the point where it collapses onto itself and acquires this lovely texture... Kind of what happens to our souls - we're all the result of some life reticulation!

Textured Soul

But come on, I had to make necklaces as well, of course... And this one... well, it's a reminder.

 Hold on to what's precious

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