Saturday, March 9, 2013

Live life with a little spice

Having finished a lovely lunch of sushi the other day with a friend, and while waiting for the bill sitting outside enjoying the beautiful African sun, I noticed a pot with this wonderful phrase etched across: live life with a little spice.

What a wonderful motto! What would life, and food, be without a little spice - which in my case may include truck loads of chilies, but I guess everyone can adjust to their taste! and just like that, I had a necklace in my head.

The metal pendant with the inspiring phrase, some metal components which I colored with the great Ranger patina inks I'm loving to use, and sari silk, carnelian stones, a fabric bead I picked up in Barcelona two years ago, a lampwork bead that was a gift from my friend Sandy Martin (go check her blog,, chains and crystals in spice colors... Immediately snatched by my friend Elizabeth - it's only fair, she was with me when I saw the inspiring phrase!

Live life with a little spice

I tried experimenting with etching lately. I wasn't very sucessfull and the etching was not very deep, and I need to figure out if it was the mix of the chemicals. I'm using hydrocloric acid which is the only chemical I can find here for this purpose. I left the pieces for hours but it didn't seem to make any difference. I had stamped a piece of metal with script lettering, etched it, then colored again with the Ranger inks and then used a bit of sandpaper to bring out the etching - to a sucessfully debatable degree.  
But I still love my "Seek Joy" necklace...
Seek Joy!

Seek Joy!

And don't forget to do it - seek it in everything you do!

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