Saturday, September 8, 2012

What's kept me busy

I spend as much time making stuff as I don't spend time blogging...

It's hard work, thinking of what you will write, if anyone will want to read it, taking pictures, editing, uploading (using a jurassic internet connection)...

I'm not even sure why I blog... I don't have an online shop, so I'm certainly not trying to attract customers; my blog isn't wildly popular so it's not like the world is suspended from my words... I guess one of the reasons I started was because I'm so physically isolated from other similar artists where I live that I hoped I could at least become part of an online community. Well, I can't say I've been very sucessfull... But I think that's my own fault as well. I guess you have to reach out first before people come to you. And I spend a lot of time reading blogs of artists I admire, but I rarely leave a comment...

So I promised myself that everyday I'll make an effort to leave at least one comment on the post that most strikes a chord with me. After all, I'm sure all bloggers love comments, and although most of the ones I read aren't short on them, and followers, etc., one more doesn't hurt.

Enough talk, let me show you what I've been up to.

I experimented with some foldforming... I don't have the proper hammers, and just used a regular ball peen one. Still love the result though and I'm looking forward to exploring this technique more.

I used beads by Radiant Mind on both earrings - they have the most gorgeous beads...

I am enjoying using tabs to hold stones. The first technique I used to hold a stone was wirewrapping, basically using tutorials by other artists. But I much prefer working with metal than the fine wire that kept getting all tangled... uffff.... plus, everything is my own design. That's essential to me!
The Raven
The Raven uses a wood tile by Skye Jewels. I love ravens because they are the symbol of my native city - Lisbon. They also abound here where I live, but they're different crows, they have a white collar around their necks. People don't like them, but with all the trash around in the city, I actually think they're providing a public service by picking up some of it!

I created the pendant by sawing two similar pieces of copper that were textured, LOS, and riveted. Didn't turn out exactly as I wanted - I wanted more height between the layers. But I think I know how to achieve that for the next piece. Hold tight!

Having more fun with the saw - but I hate sawing through these sheets of patterned brass - it's hard! Copper is like butter though - what wonderful material...

The Amazon
Some resin... can't go long without using some :) And yes, it's called the Amazon because the stone is amazonite - makes total sense, no?

A slice of agate in tabs... Notice the lovely bead by ChelleV2...

A Slice of Life
Yep, same name as Dexter's boat - I only realized it after naming the piece - I guess being a fan of the show creeps into my subconscient...

And finnally, my favorite of the lot... I love how this necklace turned out. My husband says it looks like a cross, and I can see that, which is totally fine with me, although not intentional. I picked up this amazonite a long time ago in Pilgrim's Rest - an old mining town in South Africa . If you're ever in that area of the world, don't miss it - it's lovely.

Nature's Bounty
Here's a closer look:

And now that I uploaded enough pictures for 5 posts all in one, I bid you farewell...


  1. I know how you feel about blogs; I feel the same, and that's why I haven't bothered (yet?). It took me a while to get up the nerve to even leave a comment here and there--but a well-chosen one here and there doesn't hurt. ;) Anyway, I appreciate that both you--and your work--are off the beaten track. I should emulate you and experiment more, especially with the copper I love. Meanwhile, I'll just say I enjoy seeing your work and reading about some of the process. I particularly like the amazonite piece this time around. Can't quite figure out how the resin came in, though....

    1. Gale, what I can tell you is that if you decide to go ahead with your blog, even just making one or two connections with people makes it feel worthwile! Thanks for being one of mine!
      And the biggest compliment you gave me was saying I was off the beaten track - it's my main purpose.
      Go ahead and take that copper by the horns :)
      Oh, the resin is just holding the amazonite chips in the bezel.

  2. I haven't been around much for a while so it was lovely to see all of your fantastic work this evening!! I feel the need to break open the resin now!! Glenda x

    1. Hi Glenda! So nice to hear from you! I've been a bit AWOL as well and need to go check on what wonderful things you have up your sleeves right now... Cheers,

  3. I just discovered your blog (I don't even remember how I got here) and I'm enchanted. LOVE your style!

    1. Hi Sherri! Oh, I'm so happy I struck a chord with you! I think for me, as for most bloggers, connecting is the main reason we do it - and it's lovely to see that someone likes what you do!


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