Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back to blogging

Well, it has been a while. Surely the blogging world came to a standstill right after 3 days of me not blogging, and has been paralyzed ever since, but rest assured, the blogosphere can spin again, because I am back!

In the last month, I...
  • Had a birthday...
  • Took time off from work and spent some time with hubby sightseeing and relaxing - it involved seeing elephants and kudus, monkeys and hippopotamus, lying in the sun by the pool(yes it's winter, but I'm in Africa, yes it's always warm enough to be at the pool), eating our way through long breakfasts, lazy lunches and candlelights dinners, and other things not mentionable in a nice blog...
  • Ruined some pieces, so not many new photos to show you - I hate it when I'm trying something new, because I always attack it like it's going to be perfect, and many times, what do you know, it's not!
  • Counted another month of not getting orders that should have been here months ago...
  • Got one order in the mail on Friday and was bribed out of some money in order to collect it - that deserves a post all of it's own... at least the beads were worth it!
  • Started my countdown to the France workshop I'm doing in October... (well, I signed up in September last year, so this is probably the longest countdown in the history of man/woman...)
Also played with resin klay for the first time and this is what came out:

Handmade copper components, beads by Radiant Mind

And some Ice Resin...

Handmade copper components, Ice Resin and beads by Radiant Mind

And kept having fun with my saw...

All handmade copper components, the leaf headpin is by Nadine Art Glass


  1. Love how you've used the copper with elements in all those pieces, but the necklace is really lovely.

    1. Thank you Gale! I think I'm keeping the necklace - it's been a while since I've kept something for myself, I can justify it now :)


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