Sunday, April 8, 2012


My, I've been blog-lazy!...
But I have been working hard, and I'm trying, again, to do different things.

More and more, I feel like making pieces that speak to me, that have meaning, and are not just a simple collection of nice materials in complementing colors.

This one started the moment I purchased the pendant online: a handmade ceramic house (from Captured Moments on etsy). There and then I had the title for the piece: Home is where the heart is. I think it came out because sometimes more than others, I miss home.

I filled the pendant with resin and words cut out from a vintage dictionary (home; refuge of our lives), sawed a heart with I stamped with the word "safe", cut a hole in it which I filled with resin colored with turmeric (and you thought it was only good for curries...), prepared another bezel with resin, a map and the word "where" and added warm colors in gemstones and silk. Home, warm, safe, refuge...

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  1. Fantastic result, love the turmeric! Gorgeous choices all round, beautiful job. Love the heart and the story.


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