Sunday, January 8, 2012

What's in a name?

Some of my dear customers have commented on how they like the names of my pieces - I've even heard that the name was the clincher when deciding whether to purchase a piece.

So because I started the year in sloth mode (I don't get it, when I'm working a full time job I come home in the evening and work on my jewelry, the same for almost the whole weekend, and now that I'm on holiday, nada!), I had a brilliant idea:

I will just sell the names! I can be lazy all I want, the neighbors can sleep without my hammering, and I can actually go for a manicure! So I already prepared a few items for sale:

  • The wolves howl in your absence
  • The constant artist (ok, borrowed from the movie "The Constant Gardener", so it's 50% off...)
  • The style maverick travels the world
So, any takers?

Hmmm, thought so. Anyway, not as fun as actually making some pieces, so here's two that I managed to come up with.

Give a bee a helping hand
There's a bee on some dill, there's a hand... What else can I tell you?

Give a bee a helping hand

Off to see the world
Color blocking for jewelry - already got the thumbs down from my home jury panel, but then if I followed their taste I'd be wearing suits with ladylike blouses, high heels and single strand pearl necklaces, or low waist ripped denim jeans with snickers and black t-shirts - depending on which of the jurors we're talking about...

Off to see the world
Cheers all!


  1. I LOVE the Bee one!!!! It is absolutely fantastic!!! x

  2. Both are great designs but I also like the bee one the best.


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